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Raked Silver Fumed Mini Spoon Pipe

Raked Silver Fumed Mini Spoon Pipe

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Hand pipes are a very convenient way to smoke your favorite herbs. Mini hand pipes accentuate this factor. The Raked Silver Fumed Mini Spoon Pipe is able to fit in your pocket and still be fully functional. Coming in at a tiny 3.5 inches, this spoon pipe still has a bowl, neck and mouthpiece. There is even a carb hole on the side. The coloring is a raked spiral that runs the length of the pipe. The design sits on fumed glass, which changes with the amount of usage and the light it is held in. The colored pattern comes in your choice of color. At a very small price you can get the DankStop Raked Silver Fumed Mini Spoon Pipe and have another small but powerful weapon in your smoking arsenal.

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