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Honeybee Herb

Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap

Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap

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  • Material - Quartz
  • Universally Compatible - No
  • Outer Diameter - 30mm
  • Spout Diameter - 18mm
  • Auto Spin - Yes
  • Recommended Pairing - Core Reactor

The popular Honey Hive Carb Cap just now in a Quartz model! This cap must be paired with a nail that has a diameter no smaller than 20mm for proper function.

The Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap features an auto spinning function in which air is brought in through the top and channeled at an angle through the cap and into your nail. This vortex will cause your terp pearls and product to spin, resulting in efficient vaporization of your product. If you are having a difficult time getting your pearls to spin, it could be your cap. Adding the Quartz Honey Hive Carb Cap to your dab arsenal will almost guarantee that your pearls are going to go crazy!

With the added feature of being solidly made from 100% Quartz, this is a beautiful cap that is just as strong and resilient as it is eye catching.

Be aware that this nail is only compatible with bangers that are 20mm and larger in inner diameter.

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