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Honeybee Herb



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  • Material - Glass
  • Universally Compatible - No
  • Outer Diameter - 32mm
  • Spout Diameter - 18mm
  • Auto Spin - Yes
  • Recommended Pairing - Core Reactor

Get the best of dabbing with the premium Honey Hive bubble carb cap. Regardless of how hot you like your dabs, this cap will help you improve efficiency and flavor. You can use it to direct airflow but also spin your terps when you pair it with some terp pearls.

The vortex spinner design will give the pearls ample space for movement to do their magic. Spin those terps with the classy Honey Hive carb cap by Honeybee Herb. This cap is made with scientific-grade borosilicate glass and is a beautiful tiny piece of art.

The spinner design allows ample airflow to reach your materials, but this cap works best when paired with a terp pearl. When you add the pearl it will spin inside your quartz banger, minimizing waste and maximizing vapor production.

 The Honey Hive Cap is not compatible with all of our quartz bangers. This cap functions by sitting on top of your nail creating a seal between the bottom of the cap and the rim of the banger. The spout that creates the Hive Spin has a diameter of 28mm and therefore will not fit into a nail that is 20mm or smaller in diameter. Some examples of nails that are compatible are the Honey and Milk Bevel and the Whirlwind.

It is a great choice for seasoned dabbers who like high-quality, multi-functional tools.

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