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4" Glass Gem Taster

4" Glass Gem Taster

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The 4” Glass Gem Taster provides clean, clear, super smooth hits, all while looking fabulous.

  • High-quality Borosilicate Glass
  • Straight Functional Design
  • Decorative Gem-Filled Chamber
  • Available in Assorted Stylish Varieties

This one hitter is perfect for smokers on the go with a flair for looking fab.

Not only will this awesome accessory let you rip some fat hits on the fly, but you’ll also look great while doing so! This attractive and well-designed glass accessory will give you more control over your smoke and will provide a smooth overall smoking experience.

The quality construction make cleaning and maintenance a breeze, and with proper care, it will last for years. Its straight, minimalist design features clear glass and a chamber filled with decorative, diamond-cut glass gems.

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