• $57.00

    This 12" water bong fits into the beaker design category. The beaker base is wide and maintains its stability. The straight neck has a flared mouthpiece for added comfortability and is 5mm thick so it...

  • 12" Zig-Zag Beaker Bong 12" Zig-Zag Beaker Bong

    This 12" water pipe adds an edge to the classic beaker bong design. The zig-zag construction creates an impressive visual while in use, as well as adds stability to the large neck. The neck's thick...

  • 12” Quad Base Beaker Water Pipe with Tree Percolator 12” Quad Base Beaker Water Pipe with Tree Percolator

    Handcrafted from the highest quality thick borosilicate glass, our full-sized 12” Quad Base Beaker Water Pipe provides massive hits in a convenient and well-designed package. Thick Borosilicate Glass Straight Design w/ Quad Beaker Base Slitted...

  • $99.90

    Make all your hits smooth as silk, with this 7”/17.8cm water pipe. Made from handblown, borosilicate glass its able to withstand extreme temperature changes. The fixed downstem on this bent neck piece is re-enforced for...

  • 7" Spherical Mini Rig 7" Spherical Mini Rig

    Spherical Mini Rig from Dankstop, standing 7" tall this mini waterpipe is perfect for smoking concentrates, and also makes a great dry herb bubbler. Single shower head perc cools hits in the bubble chamber before...

  • 9" Double Swiss Recycler 9" Double Swiss Recycler

    Recyclers can produce amazingly filtered smoke. You can only imagine what a bong like the 9" Double Swiss Recycler can pump out. Smoke enters the recycler by way of a circ perc downstem. Next the smoke...

  • Advanced Bong Bundle Advanced Bong Bundle

    An instant upgrade to most smoking setups, the Advanced Bong Bundle includes all the products necessary for a great smoke sesh. Featuring pieces and accessories from numerous top-selling brands, this bundle set includes a bong,...

  • Aurora Bundle Set Aurora Bundle Set

    Includes:  1x My Bud Vase "Aurora" Bong  1x 7" Small Anodized Tray 3x Hempwick 1x Adjustable Lighter  

  • Barrel Perc Dual Incycler Barrel Perc Dual Incycler

    This barrel perc dual incycler is perfect for your concentrates as well as dry herbs. From the 90 degree 14mm male joint ,reinforced with a Dewar's joint, your smoke enters the main chamber to be...

  • Circ Perc Incycler Bong Circ Perc Incycler Bong

    Exciting Incycler This scientific glass incycler has a unique design that contains supreme functionality. This recycler rig is an incycler because the main chamber also holds the recycling chamber. Inside the main chamber is also...

  • $59.99

    Check out this little pot belly rig from DankStop. A glass marble placed on the pipes backside like a button about to pop on a fat man in a little coat, and a dripping glass...

  • Double Helix Dab Rig Double Helix Dab Rig

    Designed after the woven code within all of us, The Double Helix Dab Rig is a beatifully crafted piece of glass. Housed withing 3mm glass walls the dab rig's DNA spins on a delicately molded...

  • $80.00

    Indian Summer Make summer last forever with this beautiful rig by Evolution. This rig has a male joint and comes with several attachments, a banger nail, a dry herb bowl, and a vapor dome with...

  • $25.00

    DUE TO HIGH ORDER VOLUME MYSTERY BOXES WILL SHIP 5-7 DAYS AFTER ORDER IS PLACED.  A great gift for someone's birthday, or even your own (treat yo' self), the DankStop Mystery Box is quite the...

  • Pistol Dab Rig Pistol Dab Rig

    While you should normally avoid putting a gun in your mouth, feel free to make an exception with DankStop's pistol-shaped dab rig! This clear glass vapor bong will keep your lungs safe from rough smoking...