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Rocky Ring Sidecar Bubbler

Rocky Ring Sidecar Bubbler

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We have many pieces that feature this "rocky" glass marble exterior, and this version comes with a sidecar style neck with a ringed mouthpiece!

Sidecar necks act as a natural splashguard and also make for a very comfortable smoking style in a pipe. The mouthpiece itself is flat, making an airtight seal easy to achieve, and features a circular ring that diverts smoke for a smoother hit and makes for a great place to tie this bubbler up as a festival piece or decoration. The bowl has plenty of room for dry herbs, pleasing your smoking circle and yourself, with a naturally aspirated downstem perc hanging below in the water chamber. On the side opposite of the sidecar neck is a side carb hole. This allows you to control the airflow when inhaling and helps preserve your herbs and adjust the amount of smoke you will inhale. The water chamber below filters your smoke for a more smooth taste, something missed in a regular dry hand pipe. The fumed glass of this pretty bubbler changes colors as you smoke it, so don't be shy about making this your new tabletop piece or daily driver. 

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