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Honeybee Herb

ISO Pump Station

ISO Pump Station

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When it comes to keeping your bangers, accessories, or inserts clean, the ISO pump station is probably the number one tool in a dabbers arsenal to help clean up gunky and sticky residue that can be left behind while dabbing. Keeping a bottle of isopropyl alcohol around and especially pouring the appropriate amount has always been a hassle until now. 

The ISO Station not only holds your Honey Swabs or other cotton swabs, it also dispenses your alcohol! The pump is filled with isopropyl alcohol then, when it is time to clean your banger, simply press down onto the top of the closed lid to fill the reservoir, open the lid, and allow your Honey Swab or other cotton swabs to soak up the alcohol. This method prevents waste as well as keeps everything close by but still organized. This station features a refill indicator window so you can quickly check the level of your alcohol and be sure that you're never without it! 

Add an ISO Pump Station to your setup today!! 


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