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Hemplights Starter Pack

Hemplights Starter Pack

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Hemplight Color

The Hemplights Clipper Bundle features everything you need to enjoy a butane free smoking experience. The Hemplight sleeve fits perfectly around the included Clipper Lighter making an easy to use holder, wick dispenser, and spool. 

Hemp wick is 100% natural hemp coated with bees-wax to provide a healthier alternative to butane lighter gas. Instead of lighting your bowl directly, light the end of a hemp wick and then use it to light your bowl, cigar, or bong. This prevents you from inhaling toxic butane gas, and provides a much better, cleaner tasing hit. 

Clipper lighters are the lighter of choice for smokers worldwide, and are made from 100% recycled materials. Clipper lighters feature a refillable butane chamber, as well as a patented refillable flint dispenser which also acts as the perfect poker on the go. 

This bundle includes: 

  • 1x Hemplights "Wrapper" Lighter Case
  • 1x Clipper Lighter (Chosen at Random) 
  • 4x DankStop 5ft Hempwick Roll
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