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14mm Male Wig Wag Funnel Bowl

14mm Male Wig Wag Funnel Bowl

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Want an inexpensive funnel-style bowl that does not look like every other same old boring one? With the Wig Wag Funnel Bowl, anyone who is smoking out of your bong will have something to say. No longer will all the attention be focused on your pipe. Beautiful swirls of randomly assorted colors wrap fully around the outside of the glass bowl and down along the horned handle.

The 14mm male joint is frosted and fits into 14mm female water pipes. Although the colors and line style may vary, every Wig Wag Funnel Bowl has a sturdy joint and a deep bowl. There is a long curved horned handle to aid in handling the bowl. It is hard to beat the beauty and functionality of the Wig Wag Funnel Bowl. 

  • 14mm Male Joint
  • Glass Funnel Bowl
  • Random Assorted Colors
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